Automotive digital artist Rain Prisk is no stranger to insane concepts. In fact, the Estonian designer has envisioned some of the wildest repurposed vehicles we’ve ever seen. But this one, a Bugatti Chiron 4×4, might just be his most over-the-top concept car yet.

Were pretty sure the designers at Bugatti never intended for the Chiron togo off-road evidenced by its super-low ground clearance and monstroustrack-friendly 1,500-horsepower rating. But that didnt stop Prisk from giving it a beefed-up off-road suspension, massive all-terrain tires, and a roof rack to boot. The imaginary build also appears to have a whole complement of undercarriage armor and a front-end winch (to get the driver out of any sticky situations). This might be the most absurd andopulent overlanderever imagined, but that doesnt mean we dont want to get behind the wheel and take her to task.